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2023/01/21 - Indie Web - David Frank
old internet users example
Photo by Marcus Aurelius

You can use Emmet shorthand even when writing in Markdown syntax#

For some reasons I donโ€™t fully understand, Emmet specifically disabled HTML expansion when you are in a markdown file.

Going to VSCode Settings, and overwrite emmet.excludeLanguages and emmet.includeLanguages to re-enable the power to efficiently write HTML within Markdown doc.

There are tools to generate timestamps for any chosen format#

Zola prefer the timestamp to be in RFC3339?

No problem, there is a VSCode extensions for that: Unix Time Converter gives you the right commands.

For a quick alternative to git credential helper, use ~/.netrc#

Obviously not a replacement for credential manager, but ~/.netrc is capable of storing personal access token for GitHub repo authentication.

Its syntax is something like:

machine github.com login <login-id> password <token-password>

Web-rings are still a thing in 2023#

One of our dreams lost in the dot-com bubbles was webring, a site that connects like-minded random websites together. It was arguably a form of yellow pages, which is in turn aโ€ฆ I digressed.

Knowing that sites like Indie Webring ๐Ÿ•ธ๐Ÿ’ exists put a smile on my face. Thatโ€™s the spirit of indie web, long live the nicer part of Web 1.0!


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